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Posted: December 7, 2009 in Tv Shows

//Nested Side Bar Menu (Mar 20th, 09)//By Dynamic Drive: menuids=[“sidebarmenu1”] //Enter id(s) of each Side Bar Menu’s main UL, separated by commasfunction initsidebarmenu(){for (var i=0; i<menuids.length; i++){ var ultags=document.getElementById(menuids[i]).getElementsByTagName("ul") for (var t=0; t-1; t–){ //loop through all sub menus again, and use “display:none” to hide menus (to prevent possible page scrollbars ultags[t].style.visibility=”visible” ultags[t].style.display=”none” } }}if (window.addEventListener)window.addEventListener(“load”, initsidebarmenu, false)else if (window.attachEvent)window.attachEvent(“onload”, initsidebarmenu)


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