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01 The Jungle Book
02 The Birth of Wolf-Boy Mowgli
03 Alexander's Son
04 The Jungle Law
05 The New Friends
06 Solitary Kichy
07 The Cold Fang
08 Sorry Baloo
09 More Precious then Law
10 The Lone Wolf Visitor
11 The Devil in the Mind
12 Adventurous Journey
13 The Hero's Return
14 The Cold Bed
15 Human Being
16 The Damaged Heart
17 Goodbye Mother
18 The Other Jungle
19 Going Back to My Own Jungle
20 Mowgli's Lair
21 The Waterfront Truce
22 The "Dreaded" Came
23 The Pride of a Hero
24 Mowgli has a Sweetheart
25 Bunto the Stray Wolf
26 Peace in Seeonee Forest
27 No Leader
28 Mother's Determination
29 Look for the Bad Guys
30 The Victory Song by All
31 Birth of a New Boss
32 Mowgli's Red Flower
33 Human Speech is Beautiful
34 Mowgli Goes to the Village
35 Want to Know Human Being

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